How to download a Bible Talk


To listen to a Bible Talk online you simply need to click on the talk and you can listen to it from the dpc webpage while viewing the outline.

Lot’s of people have asked how to download a talk to their computer or iPod to listen to later.

Here’s how.

Step one, download the Bible Talk to your computer.

1.  Firstly you need to download the audio file from the Internet to your computer.


Go to the talk page. Then next to ‘Download’ where it says ‘High Quality’ in blue, click on ‘High Quality’ with the right mouse button If you don’t have a mouse button, hold down the control key while you click ‘High Quality.

A little menu will appear like the above menu.

Click on ‘Download linked file as…’

You will then get a little window asking you where you want to save the file on your computer.

Put it somewhere that you can find it easily.  Here for example I have decided to save it to my desktop so that I can find it easily:

Save to desktop

Click ‘save’ and the file will be downloaded to  your desktop.

Now you can click on it anytime, and play it from your desktop without being connected to the internet. You may want to also print the outline so that you can take notes. Just click on ‘outline’ on the tap page. When the outline opens, just select ‘print’ from the menu at that stop of your computer, or press the print icon in your web browser, and it should print out on your printer.


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