Music copyright

Singing and music is An important part of what we do when we meet together as a church family.   Part of this means that we will need from time to time to photocopy sheet music for songs and print out words. We want to make sure that we comply with the relevant copyright legislation in Australia  When we do this.

Here is a paper explaining  why  you need to report  any music or words that you photocopy.

It is the responsibility of the person who does the printing to do the reporting. Every time you make a copy of a piece of music you need to report it to CCLI.

If you would like a CCLI account so that you can report photocopying online please see Doug prior from church@9  and he can organise for you to have a login and password to the CCLI webpage.

I just did a test and it took me approximately 40 seconds from start to go to report a song.  This  included going to the website,  typing in my password,  entering the song details –  I did not even start with the website open!

I would suggest that you make a bookmark in your browser to  That way all you need to do when you want to report a song is click on the bookmark and go straight to the website.

This is how to report a song online:

  1. Go to  and then click on the button that says ‘REPORTING’




2.  Type in the name of the song



3.  The CCLI website may find multiple songs with that name, find the song that you have made  a copy of and click on ‘report song’



4.  There are two options that appear: CCL and MRL.



‘CCL’ ( church copyright license) is for if you have made a copy of the words.

If you have printed a copy of the words for example  in a booklet for a camp,  select ‘ print’. If you have made a digital copy of the words, for example typed in new words for a keynote song, select ‘Digital’.  All you need to do is  enter the number of copies you have made and click on the button that says ‘ add to report’.  It’s that easy!

‘MRL’ ( music reproduction license)  is  for when you have made a copy of the sheet music. For example you have printed out five copies of the music to a  new song to hand around to the members of your music team.  If you have done this click yes and you will get a new window  that looks like this:


You need to enter the number of copies you have made, but you also need to select where the original  sheet music came from.

If you photocopied it from a song book or printed it from an enhanced CD select the first box and find the name of the song book.  If you downloaded from a website you simply select the name of the website.  If you printed the song from song select then you click the song select button.

If the website you printed the song from  is not listed, or the song book  is not listed,  then just click on ‘ Can’t find your publication?’  and you will be able to enter the name of the website or song book manually.

Then click ‘ add to report’.


Click here to go to the CCLI website now.