Financial record form

At any DPC event where money is handled (even small amounts) we want to be completely transparent about where the money goes. For this reason we have a form that is to be filled in and signed whenever you collect any money on behalf of DPC.

If there were any expenses for the event, that money can be deducted, but this form still needs to be handed in with receipts to a Committee of Management member or placed in the regular offering on a Sunday.

Example 1. A ladies breakfast where people are charged $5 a head for breakfast. All the money is used to buy food and there is no money left over.

Example 2. A kids club where kids are charged $2 a day entry fee and part of the money is used to buy craft but part of the money is banked.

Please note that whenever money is collected 2 people need to count the money together and they both need to sign this form.


Click here to download the DPCrecords form (pdf 20kb)