Course of Your life


Do you ever stop and think about where your life is going?  

Here at DPC we want to discover what the God who made us says about the course of our life.  That’s why in term 1 of 2013 we’re going to take a break from our usual schedule of ministries so as to give priority to running “The Course of your Life.”   

 What’s the aim?

Doing The Course of Your Life aims to achieve three things:

  • To understand afresh who God is, what He is doing in our world, and what Jesus Christ has to do with that.
  • To see and understand yourself afresh—who you really are, what you’re here for, and what your future holds.
  • On the basis of both of these things, to discover what God wants you to do with the rest of your life from this point on—not just in a vague general sense but more personally and specifically.

This is a unique and potentially life-changing opportunity.

 What’s involved?

The Course of Your Life has three main components.  These are:

1. Seminars

Each week everyone involved will get together for a 90-minute seminar. The seminars will feature teaching input, presentations, and discussion in groups.

2. One-to-one meetings

You will be paired with someone else in the course to regularly meet with one-to-one to read the Bible together. You can organize the time and location to suit yourselves—and (wherever possible) you’ll be paired with someone you already know and have a friendship with. If you’ve never met one-to-one with another person in this way before, don’t worry—we will provide coaching and materials to walk you through the process from the beginning.

3. Intensive

The course ends with an intensive that is best done by going away together for two days.  This is an opportunity to pull the big ideas of the course together, and to take some time away from the pressures of life to think it all through.  There’ll be a range of opportunities for doing the intensive.  Some of the seminar groups may wish to organise it for themselves (eg planning a weekend away together).  Alternatively, DPC has booked Ridgecrest for the weekend of 3-5 May so that lots of us can share the excitement and energy of doing the intensive in a bigger group.  And finally, because not everyone might be able to get to Ridgecrest, we’ll also be running the intensive in our building from Friday evening 10 May til Saturday dinner 11 May.


How do I get involved?

From Sunday 30 December 2012, sign up sheets will be available for us to nominate which time in the week we’ll be able to get along to the seminars as well as our preferences for how we’d like to do the intensive.  We’ll be able to sign up anytime during January.  So as to be able to fit all the seminars in before Easter, the course will commence the week starting Monday 28 January.


The Course of Your Life provides an extraordinary opportunity to take the temperature of your life; to break the cycle of your current busyness and re-evaluate who you are, what you’re doing and where you’re going.

These questions are not simple or trivial, so it will take time and commitment to work together on them. The different components of the course fit together and complement each other—so please don’t sign up unless you are able to participate fully, including coming to all of the intensive.

Where can I find out more?

You can chat to any of the Session about The Course of Your Life or you can visit The Course of Your Life website where you’ll find free samples to download of each of the the 3 components mentioned above.

You’ll find it at