Course of Your Life Questions



There have been a lot of questions regarding various options for The Course of Your Life!

Here are two principles which may help to answer many of these questions.

  1. We want to be as flexible as possible so as to make The Course of Your Life easy for people to do.

  2. We don’t want to be so flexible that some people are just half doing the course. We want everyone doing the course of your life to be fully on board.

So… we want people to be committed to all three components – committed to the weekly course of your life seminar, committed to reading the Bible one-to-one with someone, and committed to the intensive. It’s not an option to come to the weekly seminars but not do the one-to-one. But, given these three components of the course, we want to be as flexible as possible to help as many people be able to do the course!


Regarding the two weekends away – are they suitable to bring whole families – will there be a children’s program?

Yes. The plan is that both the intensive at Ridgecrest and at the church building will have a children’s program so that families can go. (The only exception would be the Friday evening of the intensive held at the church building where there will be no children’s program on the Friday night. On the Saturday the children will be looked after.)

Do we have to attend the same main COYL meeting every week or can we change the night of the week that we go?

It would definitely be preferable to meet with the same group each week, people will miss you if you’re not there! But, on weeks where that is not possible (shift workers, sickness, travelling etc) then catching up with a different group during the week is fine.

Won’t first week of term be a busy time to start?

Yes, that is a busy week with schools going back and yes, the monday is on a long weekend… but we still need to start COYL then so as to fit in all the seminars before Easter, and the first week is an important one not to miss for introducing the framework of the course.

Does the person you are meeting up with 1-1 need to be doing The Course of Your Life?

The course of your life and the one to one bible reading are quite related so yes the person you are meeting up with to read the Bible during the week should also be doing The Course of Your Life. Hopefully though, after doing The Course of Your Life you will be so excited about reading the Bible with other people that you may go and read it with someone who did not do it this time round!

Does the person that you are meeting up with need to go to the same night as you?

Preferable but not necessary.

Does the person you are meeting up with to read the bible need to go along to the same intensive?

Preferable but not necessary.

Can I do the one to one Bible reading with my spouse?

If reading the Bible with your spouse is something that you’re not doing and you’d like to take this opportunity to do it and you’re not just avoiding reading the Bible with someone else from your church family or taking the easy option then for sure – go for it!

We think this will be a fantastic opportunity to encourage and get to know someone else from your church family who you don’t know well at the moment and so will be encouraging people to find someone of the same sex to meet up with during the week to read the Bible. ( Men meet with men and women meet with women) But again, whatever works best for you and will best serve the other person who you are reading the Bible with.

Are we able to do the course ourselves or arrange a small group at home for the weeks that we miss?

Practically speaking it won’t be helpful to borrow the DVDs during the week from us as they will be in use, and hopefully being able to catch up on missed sessions by going to a different group for that week will mean that this would be necessary. Of course the material is available for order from Matthias Media and if for whatever reason you are unable to do the course with DPC of course you can do it by yourself. We will put the DVDs in the church library after term one finishes and some people who can’t make it may wish to borrow the DVD’s from the church library in a different term.

What will happen to people who are not doing the course of your life?

We are hoping that it will be a refreshing term for all the Bible study group leaders to have a break – this is why the existing Bible study groups will not be running for the term. The best option for people who are not doing the course of your life would be to find someone else who is not doing the course of your life and catch up with them during the term to read the Bible and pray together – may be even at the same time that your old small group was on. Just because your small group is not meeting for the term doesn’t mean that you can’t read the Bible and pray with someone else from church! We don’t need to know about it – just find someone else who is not doing the course of your life and arrange to meet up with them and pray up with them and God will use that! The people doing The Course of Your Life will be reading Colossians in the one-to-one times – maybe you could read Colossians with someone!